1Malaysia is an innitiative by The Malaysian President Dato Sri Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak By Bringing Malays,Chinese,Hindus,Christians,Kadazan's And Ibanese in a spirit of loving and caring of our Nation,Malaysia. Its designed to ease our burden for Transportation,Fishery,Food,Bankings,Water,Performing Nation Relationships And Heading On Social Media Sites Like Facebook,Twitter And YouTube,Blogger And Even His 1Malaysia Blog. Najib's a hero for bringing peace and stability of our Nation. Including In Rural Areas. It has The Goverment Transformation Programme Even In Anti Corruption And Crimes. In Malaysia, NKRA has been announced by Najib himself. Millions Of Stores With The Same Name Have Been Built. KR1M,BR1M,TR1M,KIR1M,TR1MA.BP1M.
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