The Limkokwing University made its blazing debut in Malaysia in 1992 setting new trends and transforming the conduct of private education in the country. Never before was there a concerted effort to provide education that would build capability of local talent in creative technology. The effort was pioneering and Professor EmeritusTan Sri Dato’ Professor Dr Lim Kok Wing, the founder and president of Limkokwing University started from scratch to build market confidence in creative careers.

In 1997 the college began to export its services. Today it has over 16,000 students from 130 countries pursuing international degrees, associate degrees and diplomas at its full-fledged university campuses located in Malaysia, UK, Botswana, China, Indonesia, Cambodia and soon to be established campuses in Lesotho, Swaziland and 20 other countries including USA.

Ranging from Masters, Degrees, Associate Degrees, Advanced Diplomas, Diplomas, Certificates the university’s disciplines are offered under six faculties of Design Innovation, Multimedia Creativity, Communication, Media & Broadcasting, Architecture & The Built Environment, Business Management & Globalisation and ICT.

Essentially this is an industry-led university dedicated to developing and driving applied creativity and industry innovation while responding to advancing globalisation. Through shared experiences in a learning environment the Limkokwing University is building global camaraderie through the next generation of 130 countries. By merging cultures from both sides of the world we wish to create a more culture-sensitive, worldly, techno-savvy, creative problem-solving generation that will be the force to make the world a better place.

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