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The history of the Society goes back to the beginning of the previous century. In fact in the early 1900's, two Pharmaceutical Associations existed to look after the interests of the pharmacists.

First there was the Penang Pharmaceutical Association. It was based in Penang since most of the pharmacists at that time were in Penang, with a few in Perak, Kelantan, and even fewer in Kuala Lumpur.

Then there was the Straits Pharmaceutical Association based in the Singapore whose members included pharmacists in the Colony of Singapore, and the southern part of the then Federation of Malaya, especially Johore. There were even a few members from Penang.

In 1946 the idea to form a unified Association for both Malaya and Singapore was mooted. The objective was to enable pharmacists to take the same attitude on all pharmaceutical affairs and to present a united front to the Government. It was on 31st May 1949 the name of the Straits Pharmaceutical Association was changed to the Malayan Pharmaceutical Association with 2 Divisions. The Southern Division (previously the Straits Pharmaceutical Association) based in Singapore had pharmacist members mainly from the Colony of Singapore; and the Northern Division (incorporating the Penang Pharmaceutical Association) has pharmacist members from the Federation.

The number of pharmacists at that time was very small. In 1955 it was around 30.

Somehow these dedicated 30 pharmacists managed to be very much involved in the drafting of various Ordinances relating to pharmacists and pharmacy practice. Such Ordinances include: Poison Ordinance, Pharmacists Registration Ordinance, Advertising & Sale of Medicine Ordinance, Dangerous Drug Ordinance.

As an added interest the annual subscription fees at that time was Malayan Dollar 12 a year.

Subsequently after the separation of Malaysia and Singapore, the present Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society was formed and registered with the Registrar of Societies on 6th Nov 1967.

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